The future of health and preventative medicine will depend on the technology of monitoring the body's own natural energy flow and the therapeutic treatment of energy stimulation or alteration to bring the body into balance.

Point Testing Instrument: Light, Portable, Affordable!

Comes with wires, probes, manual, training tape and charts.

The Bio-Tron was developed to aid in the field of "biodynamics" - the study of life force and its changes.

This unit helps monitor stability and changes of energy meridians in the body as a non-invasive skin conductivity monitor. The Bio-Tron is somewhat like a thermometer - it is an instrument that may be used to measure and/or monitor. It is to be used with wisdom and common sense. It is not offered as a medical device. Retail Price is $1200.00 (plus tax & shipping). These prices do not include training. Training will be handled separately. Supportive material will be included in the training program, whether in class or privately.

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